Historic hotels of 1910 in Salt Lake City


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Salt Lake City was a passenger rail hub in 1910 with two brand new grand depots and hundreds of commercial salespeople ready to peddle.

Go down 3rd South today and imagine it back then. The street is crowded with sales people all staying in a dozen new hotels. A few of those old hotel buildings are still around for you to enjoy.

Most are just memories now. The Kenyon, the Wilson, the Windsor, the Knutsford (which actually was built a little earlier than 1910)…all long gone.

Some such as Hotel Plandome are as they were. Others, like the Semloh, now lives on as the renovated Perry.

All from the era of 110 years ago.

Other old hotels of the 1910 era included the New Grand, the New York, the Eastland and of course the New House and the Hotel Utah.

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