Winter weather practices before you hit the road


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Winter weather has created some dicey road conditions and Utah Highway Patrol officials said the snow and unprepared drivers are contributing to crashes on Utah roads.

Before heading out, UHP Lt. Nick Street said to clear the snow from the top of the car.

“It’s  going to end up being on your windshield and create a very unsafe scenario for you,” he said.

Just the other day, Street said he watched as snow fell onto the windshield of a driver’s vehicle.

“I was at a traffic signal down in the Sandy area and a truck tried to stop at a light next to me and all the snow on the top of that driver’s truck went down on the windshield,” he said.

State law requires drivers to have 2/32 tread depth on tires. A simple way to check it, Street said, is with a penny.

“Stick it in the tread of your and if you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you do not have a legal amount of tread,” he said.

Working windshields are a must, Street said.

“Plenty of people in trouble on the freeway when they get that salt spray up unto their windshield and it’s totally opaque and they’re no longer able to see,” he said.

When on the road in winter weather conditions, Street said to make sure vehicle lights are on. And for drivers to slow down – even well below the posted speed limit.

“Those limits absolutely don’t apply on a day like today,” Street said.

If a driver’s window has obstructed visibility, their tires are bald or they’re driving too fast for conditions, and they crash, Street said that person could be cited.

“I would dare to say when it comes to the inclement weather, all of those crashes were preventable and there are simple things everybody can do to mitigate the risk that they have out on our state’s roadways,” Street said.

Since the storm rolled in last week, Street said troopers have responded to almost 400 crashes.

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