SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The National Weather Service has issued several Wind Chill Warnings for Utah due to the arrival of arctic air blowing through the state. Temperatures will already be cold, but with the wind, things could get very unsafe if you’re not careful.

For northern Utah, the alerts will start this evening and remain in effect until 10 a.m. Tuesday morning. Cache County could see wind chill temperatures in the -10 to -20-degree range while further to the east in the Bear River Valley, temperatures can drop as low as -40 degrees. Things will be a bit warmer in Davis County, but temperatures could still dip to -10 degrees or more. 

Southern Utah will also see very cold temperatures overnight, especially in the southwest where another set of Wind Chill Warnings has been put into place. These are also set to expire at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Millard and Juab Counties are looking at wind chill temperatures to reach -1 degrees or more. Cities like Beaver and Cedar City are looking at wind chills in the -10 to -20 degree range. There is also a chance that more snow could fall around Cedar City, adding to the wintery feel. 

Remember that even if your phone tells you one temperature, the wind can make it something entirely different. Even a small breeze can drop temperatures quickly and frostbite can affect exposed skin in less than 10 minutes.

Be careful. If you do need to go out tonight, make sure to wear appropriate clothing. Check on any neighbors who might need a little extra care. Also, even though the warnings expire at 10 a.m., the cold temperatures could still be in place – always think safety first.