MORGAN, Utah (ABC4) – Evacuation orders have been lifted for the few homes located close to the East Canyon Fire, which officials said is human-caused. It’s burned more than 500 acres of land, but no structures are threatened, as of Tuesday night.

Swan Workman is one homeowner who was told to evacuate early Tuesday afternoon. He told ABC4 he packed his belongings – with the help of friends – and took it off his property.

“I grew up with the idea of having a 72-hour kit, having emergency essentials ready to go, so when you know you gotta go, you throw those in first,” he says. “And from that point, we just work on highest value and work our way down. And if we’ve got extra time, pack the stuff that costs the most or memorabilia, and work our way down.”

Workman said he, along with some neighbors, said if the fire got closer to their properties, they would stay as long as they could to watch over it.

“I was ready to sit out here, turn on the fire hose, crack open a beer, and sit here and spray the house. So, I mean, whatever, life’s short,” he said.

Fortunately, for Workman and those asked to evacuate, their homes are no longer at high risk, and they’re able to now be home.

“Every single year I tell myself, ‘Well this is the year of forest fires coming on’, and I’ve been telling myself that for the last seven years and it finally happened this year.”

Living in the mountains, Workman said is a risk, when it comes to fire danger. But he said he doesn’t panic, because he’s prepared.

“I think that’s part of the deal about living out here, you just know that’s always an option [sic] and you have a contingency plan in place,” he said. “We grew up that way, you always expect the unexpected and so you gotta be ready to go for anything.”

Fire officials are watching the East Canyon Fire overnight, to ensure winds do not pick up and cause the flames to spread further. Wednesday morning, four fire crews will work on the ground and three helicopters from the air.