What does winter 2017-2018 have in store for Utah?


The official winter forecast from the Climate Prediction Center was released Thursday and it looks favorable for another snowy winter for the ski resorts across Northern Utah.  The temperature forecast calls for a warmer compared to an average winter, but don’t get too concerned about that, or think it’s going to be 60s and 70s all winter.  It just means when all of the high and low temperatures are computed, we are very likely to come in above the average temperature for the season.  

Now, take a look at last year’s precipitation forecast.  See how a 33% chance of having an above average year for rain and snow just snuck into Northern Utah?  Remember how much snow fell?  

Here’s this year’s official winter precipitation forecast.  Now see how the chance for an above average precipitation year edges a little farther south?  If this holds true, we could be in store for another great ski season!

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