SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Several groups unveiled a banner to show what 700″ of snow looks like. This is due to several ski resorts, and canyons, reaching 700″ of powder, more snow than Utah has seen in years.

A banner was unveiled Wednesday morning at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Salt Lake, showing everyone just how tall 700″ is. You can also view this video that compares 700″ of snow to monuments and statues in Utah.

So far, two ski resorts have gotten 700″ of snow. And in the chart below, we compare those with other ski resorts in Utah. Brighton resort, has gotten over 700 inches, which is 200″ more than an average season.

According to local skiers and snowboarders, it’s one of the best snow seasons they’ve seen.

“The best I’ve ever had, especially living here it wasn’t good the past couple of years but it’s been a big change,” Max Switzer, a Park City resident said.

According to the Director of Media and communications for Visit Salt Lake, Ryan Mack, they unveiled this banner to help people visualize it.

“You tell someone 700” of snow and they say wow that’s a lot of snow but it’s hard to visualize how much snow that actually is,” Mack said.

And as the Public Relations Manager for the Utah Office of Tourism, Anna Loughridge said, this amount of snow is historic.

“The 700 inches of snow is something we should be celebrating statewide. We haven’t seen 700” this early in the season since the 1940s when we started recording snow,” Loughride said. “We are having one of the best ski seasons that we have had in a while. It’s exciting for skiers and drought watchers alike. We were excited to team up and really celebrate”

To see how all of the Ski resorts compare for their year-to-date snowfall. You can check out the graphic below.