WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — With snowpack in Weber County more than 200 percent above normal, Weber County officials say they need all the help they can get to address the rising water levels. 

Weber County Emergency Manager Lisa Gosline said a lot of that money will go toward sandbags, pumps, hoses, and other equipment. 

On Thursday, county commissioners met with several county agencies including emergency management as well as UDOT and the Weber Basin Conservancy District to discuss plans for moving forward. County commissioners said it’s not a matter of if, but when, the county will experience some form of flooding. 

Gosline said they discussed problem areas in past years, and what’s been done to improve those areas.

Commissioner Gage Froerer said the county has been working on infrastructure, clearing streams and drainage canals of debris and heavy vegetation, and replacing culverts. 

Gosline in addition to people walking these waterways, the sheriff’s office uses drones to fly over waterways and look at snowpack in locations people can’t get to. 

On top of this crucial communication the county is reminding residents that if they have a flood-related question, their first resource should be the city unless they live in an unincorporated area. 

“We are responsible for unincorporated and for our own infrastructure,” said Gosline. 

Gosline added the county does assist cities when help is needed, but if residents are looking for information they should contact the city. 

Below is a list of contacts provided by the county 

Farr West: 

City Office and Public Works:  801-731-4187 


Justin Shinsel, 801-603-3220 

Jesse Sainsbury, 801-603-3748 


Bruce Ahlstrom 



Bryce Wilcox, 801-940-0321 


Public Works:  801-627-1919 

North Ogden: 

Casey Hunsaker, 801-940-1896 


Public Works 801-629-8271 

Non-emergency Dispatch 801-395-8221 

Kenny Miller 801-629-8073 

Plain City: 

Public Works:  801-731-4908, ext. 116; after hours call 801-668-0097 

Pleasant View: 



Riverdale City Fire Department Office Phone/Voice Message:  801-394-7481 


Storm Water department,  801-774-1090 or dispatch if after hours or an emergency 

The names for reference are: 

Superintendent Alan Wright 

Storm Water Foreman Adam Taylor  

South Ogden: 

Jamie Healy 801-622-2707 


Public Works, Jeff Holden, 801-388-3558 or 

Washington Terrace: 

Public Works Department On-call:  801-940-1250 

West Haven: 

On-call public works line is (801) 920-6346. 

Weber County Unincorporated: 

Information and preparedness: 

To sign up to be a volunteer to sandbag: 

For active flooding:  Non-emergency Dispatch, 801-395-8221, for flooding that has life safety risk, call 911 

POC:  Lisa Schwartz Gosline, Weber County Homeland Security, and Emergency Management Program Director, 801-778-6682 or 801-870-5153.