SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Happy Memorial Day Utah! It’s a bit of a “good news, bad news” type of thing.

The good news is we’re seeing some significant wet weather coming into Northern Utah. The bad news is we’re getting wet weather on Memorial Day. Hopefully it’s not raining too much on your holiday plans.

There is a low pressure system that has set up shop over Utah during the last few days and with it, we’ve seen a very noticeable drop in temperature and a fair amount of wet weather throughout the weekend. This will continue into Memorial Day as the morning could be very wet. In fact, in the mountains, we’ll see snow and a Winter Warning is in place for the Wasatch Mountains where the snow line could dip to 5,500 feet. This should decrease as the day goes on, but if you’re doing any traveling in the mountains tomorrow, be very careful and make sure to plan ahead.

Temperatures will start to look better as the week progresses, but we do have a slight chance of rain on Tuesday morning and another system coming in to give us a chance of rain on Sunday. But, where the northern half of the state has been a good 20 degrees below normal this weekend, we’ll see it rebound up to double digits over average going into next weekend.

In Southern Utah, we’ve seen temperatures drop less than in northern Utah, but it’s still noticeable. We might even see some wet weather hitting the southernmost cities. Another good trend we’ll see are the winds dying down a bit. This will decrease the chances of a Red Flad warning for fire, but please be very careful when recreating outdoors. The dry weather we’ve seen all over the lower half of Utah makes any spark a potential for fire disaster.

Looking back at our weekend, it’s amazing to see the diversity of weather that is within our borders. Utah has always enjoyed four seasons, but this weekend showed us all four in 48 hours.

The takeaway? Cooler and wet for your Memorial Day, but warmer weather is on its way.

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