SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — With the possibility of Salt Lake City breaking the all-time snowfall record on Wednesday, ABC4’s employees are taking the opportunity to make the most out of the snow.

Here’s a gallery showcasing the adventures some of our staff went on today:

We start off with a hilarious video of our Sports Director Dana Greene sledding at Sugar House Park before work and ending up with a mouth full of snow:

Then, we have news manager Mark Danielson and photojournalist Tracy Smith smiling through the pain of shoveling snow this morning:

Snow shoveling was much more enjoyable for news anchor Emily Florez as her kids joined in on the fun:

Weather forecaster Bob Bedore did a very compelling “Weather Talk” last night with his dog, Xander, rolling in the snow and being the center of everyone’s attention. Follow Bedore on Twitter as he dishes out daily “Weather Talk” while walking Xander.

News anchor Glen Mills was caught on camera working hard to get his driveway cleared so he could make the 5 p.m. show:

In the video below, producer Christine Napier gave us an update on the weather conditions at Jeremy Ranch. Unbeknownst to her, Bailey was having the best time of her life snuggling with the thick snow.

Photojournalist Tracy Smith and news reporter Anneka Johns were met with a snowy conundrum when they were heading to their live shot location today:

News desk editor Jennifer Gardiner said she has never seen this much snow in her backyard before: