SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – “Warm” might not be the w-word you were dreaming of for Christmas, but the chances of it being a white Christmas are pretty slim for Utah.

There is a chance that we can see something in the northern part of the state, and even a very slight chance that it could hit the Wasatch Front, but if you’re like Lloyd Christmas – you’re saying there’s a chance. Maybe we’ll get that Christmas miracle, but let’s set the expectations for this properly. 

What we will get for sure is a weekend that will be at least 5 degrees above normal for this time of year. It might not sound like much, but keep in mind that we’ve been way below normal most of the past week. These extra degrees will feel very nice and maybe even make you glad for the change in w’s. And if you’re really in the mood for “white,” we’ll have plenty of cloud coverage across the state. Of course, Utah will have to deal with the inversion and not only is that no fun to see, but it’s also going to keep the warming we get capped off. 

Northern Utah will be looking at upper 30s and low 40s into the weekend with most temperatures only dipping down in the mid-20s for lows. In the southern part of the state, temperatures will also be above normal and St. George could even see 60s on Christmas Day.

The dry pattern will continue until Tuesday when we have our next wave of storms coming from the West. We’ll get a little kick from the subtropical moisture and could see some nice totals from it. A wintery mix of rain and snow will be felt throughout the north and central regions on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, we’ll also have most of southern Utah joining in on the fun. As the system gets closer, we will have a better feel for the timing and impact totals. 

For now, just enjoy a very calm and somewhat warm Christmas. From all of us on the Weather Team and the ABC4 family, we are grateful for your viewership and want to wish you the very happiest of holidays. 

Takeaways? Warm holiday weekend with a very slight chance of snow for Christmas – storm system coming in mid-week. 

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