SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Happy Monday, Utah!

Well, the Super Blood Moon took the back seat to some clouds last night, but there are still some stunning shots you can find, including these from ReeAnn Jensen in Montpelier, who sent us a few nice photos. There’s a chance to see it tomorrow, but it won’t be quite as strong as Sunday night.

The weather will be looking much the same on Monday as it was on Sunday throughout much of the state. We’ll see temperatures well above normal with much of Utah hitting the 80s and Southern Utah seeing temps in the 90s. This is a good time to remind those heading outside to make sure you’ve got the right sun protection from the elements and to stay hydrated.

This pattern will continue for the first half of the week (other than a slight chance for some upper elevation moisture in Northern Utah on Tuesday), but we will see temperatures drop in the latter half. Up north, temps will be in the 60s and the southern half of the state will see around10 degrees less than they’ve been used to lately.

Let’s consider this a test run for the summer heat to come.

Bottom line? Monday brings with it weather much like Sunday, but there are some dips coming ahead.

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