‘Very dangerous avalanche conditions exist’ across Utah for President’s Day, says UAC

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UTAH (ABC4) – The Utah Avalanche Center says an avalanche warning remains for most of the state during President’s Day.

UAC says “very dangerous avalanche conditions exist.”

“The avalanche danger is HIGH and may rise to EXTREME as the storm intensifies,” UAC explains. “Natural and human triggered avalanches are likely over the next several days. Stay off of and out from under slopes steeper than 30 degrees.”

UAC’s Logan office tweeted Monday morning, saying very dangerous avalanche conditions exist in the backcountry.

Avalanches may seem to strike without warning, making avoiding one seemingly impossible. But, according to the Utah Avalanche Center, avalanches are often triggered and there can be signs that one is about to happen.

Utah Avalanche Center recently shared facts about avalanches with ABC4 that can help you be more prepared if faced with one, including what to do if you become stuck in an avalanche:

  • Act quickly because once the snow comes to a stop, the debris will harden, making it difficult to move.
  • Try to get off the slab.
  • Try to grab onto a tree.
  • Swim: Human bodies are denser than avalanche debris, but you will need to swim hard to stay above the snow.
  • Keep a clear air space around your mouth as the avalanche begins to decelerate to slow carbon dioxide from building up.
  • Push your hand in the direction that you think is up to provide a visual clue for those searching for you.

The Utah Department of Transportation set Traction Laws into effect in both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons earlier Monday morning.

This comes as yet another snowstorm moves through Utah, causing officials to express concerns because of the holiday weekend attracting skiers to the area.

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