SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Living in a desert as we do, the importance of water is very obvious. And the best way to get that water is through having a full snowpack. Thanks to the snow we’ve been getting in the mountains this year, we are on track for one of our better winters in years, and that has a lot of people optimistic. 

Currently, our statewide snowpack average stands at 182% above normal. That’s great, but what is really interesting about this is that when you look at the water equivalency of what we have in the pack, it is right about at 100% of what you’d see in peak conditions. That means that anything we can add to our current total is a bonus. 

Obviously, we can’t get too carried away. It’s true that we’ve had one of the better starts to a season since 2005, and we are ahead of another very good year, 2011, but it might not continue. We saw last year when we went through a dry spell that lasted for a few months. And even a great year won’t reverse the drought conditions the state is currently facing. Our many years of low snowpacks have left us with depleted reservoirs, and it will take many years of above-average numbers to erase that.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to rain on your parade, or maybe I mean “not rain” on your parade.

The numbers are looking very good. As previously mentioned, the snowpack is great all over the state, but even more impressive is the Utah Snow Survey’s prediction that the maximum snow-water equivalent will reach about 22 inches by early April. A typical snowpack’s peak in April will hit just under 16″ of water equivalent. 

We just need the storms to continue through the season. Right now we have a few setups, and it looks like we’ll be good until the end of the month. Let’s hope that good snow fortune continues to smile on us.