SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – In what is sounding like a broken record, Utah will be seeing the up and down weather pattern continuing. We received some nice wet weather yesterday with a good portion of the northern part of the state getting moisture. But those clouds have been moved out by a high-pressure system that will bring warmer weather and clearer skies to much of Utah. But before you can really settle in and enjoy it, the rollercoaster heads into another dive and we should be seeing some more wet weather on Tuesday. 

Much of Utah will see highs in the 70s today with some of our most southern spots reaching the 80s. Skies should be clear for most of the day, but northern Utah can expect to see some clouds rolling in this evening ahead of the next storm system. These clouds could see some rain in the late evening, but it seems more likely that this will hit closer to midnight or early Tuesday morning. Southern Utah will see more wind conditions with possible blowing dust.

Tuesday’s temperatures will see a dramatic drop as Salt Lake City is projected to top out around 53 on Tuesday, 18 degrees less than the 71 projected for Monday. Southern Utah will also see a drop in temperature, but not nearly as drastic as northern Utah. But they will see windy/breezy conditions continue throughout much of the coming week.

Another high-pressure system comes in on Wednesday and will keep the state warm for the rest of the workweek. It will give way into the weekend as another chance for wet weather visits to the Beehive State.

The takeaway? A dry and breezy Monday before another storm system arrives by Tuesday.