HANKSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – Southern Utah residents are again facing post-flooding clean up after flash flooding hit Wayne County on Wednesday.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says shortly before 5 p.m., flooding was reported in Capitol Reef National Park on SR-24. Sheriff Dan Jensen and a deputy responded to help park rangers with traffic control.

After assisting rangers, the Sheriff headed to Cainville and Hanksville. Upon arriving in Hanksville, authorities found severe flooding caused by excess rainwater from the Henry Mountains and the desert overfilled the Bull Creek drainage.

This caused several homes and businesses to flood extensively. Cars and camp trailers were damaged and even swept away by the water. As if that was not dangerous enough, the Sheriff’s Office says a 500-gallon propane tank, carried away by the flood, released a cloud of propane. The Wayne County Fire Hazmat team was called in but flooding west of Hanksville kept them from being able to get into town.

The Sheriff’s Office shared the below photos and the above video of the flooding the area saw Wednesday.

Thankfully responders already on scene were able to safely shut off the tank and secure it from floating away. Crews from neighboring Emery and Sevier counties came in to assist with checking on residents. Mayor Jeffren Pei reports all citizens are safe and accounted for, as are visitors staying in local motels.

Cleanup is now underway on the homes and businesses most affected by the flooding. The extent of the damages has not yet been determined at this time.