SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Well folks, that’s a new record.

July saw an average mean temperature of 85.7 degrees in Salt Lake City, breaking the previous record average temperature of 85.3 degrees in July of 2017, according to the National Weather Service.

Out of the 31 days in July, 11 of them had a maximum temperature of at least 100 degrees which would have this July tied for 6th most 100 degree days.

“As many have felt and seen, this July was a scorcher with 27 of the 31 days being at or above 95 degrees, which would make sense as to why our overall average temperature was a record-breaker,” explains ABC4 meteorologist Cesar Cornejo.

This isn’t the only heat-related record shattered in Salt Lake City in recent months.

In June, The Salt Lake City airport weather station reached a temperature of 107 degrees under this historic heatwave. This is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Salt Lake.