SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4)- This morning many of us across northern Utah woke up to patchy fog. Thanks to our inversion this fog is expected to stick around the next few mornings as well thanks to the colder air during the overnight hours.

The same process that allows the inversion to trap in the pollution is also why we are seeing that morning valley fog. Colder air sinks to the valleys and allows the air to become moist enough and let water droplets form. Pair this with the particulates in the trapped pollution and the perfect combination to create fog.

But the cold air did one other thing and it caused the fog to frost over things such as roads and vegetation. This leads to not only poor visibility but also for certain roadways to become a little slick.

With these conditions expected to continue throughout the next few days, the Utah Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone to drive safely out there.

“We’re expecting more fog in the upcoming days. We ask drivers to please reduce their speed. That’s probably the biggest thing you can do is reduce that speed especially when the visibility is low. I would treat fog no differently than you would treat an icy road or a wet road, so same thing reduce your speed, increase your following distance,” says Trooper Cameron Richins.

Some other tips are to use your lights to be visible for other drivers, to not use your high beams when encountering fog, safely pull off on the nearest exit if you cannot see while driving, and to stay up to date on the weather which you can do with Utah’s Most Accurate Forecast on-air and online.