SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Strap in everyone, the up and down roller coaster we’ve been on for the past little while is going to continue as our weather keeps changing from one extreme to another and the flood possibilities are nowhere near the rearview mirror. 

Let’s take a quick look back at what we’ve been dealing with here in the Beehive State. A little over a week ago we had temperatures well below normal and heavy snowfall. This all added to our already bursting snowpack and snow water equivalent, which was at a record 30 inches. We went into the weekend knowing that temperatures were going to rise and hoped that it wouldn’t get too warm, too soon. As we well know, it did and we got very warm days to start the week. Tuesday hit a record 83 degrees which was 50 degrees warmer than the week before. Then the flooding started. We went from 30 inches of snow water equivalent to 27 inches in a matter of a few days and that water came pouring down. 

Luckily, yesterday the temperatures took a dip. We were 30 degrees or more lower than the day before in several places in northern Utah and we got some more snow. This helped to lessen the flooding but certainly didn’t stop it. We needed the cooler weather to stick around for a little while. But that is not how roller coasters work.

Today we will see temperatures still below normal. The Wasatch Front will be in the low 50s and even southern Utah will be in the upper 60s. Skies will clear out giving us a calm day leading into the weekend. The calm weather will hold for Saturday, but temperatures will be on the rise, and by Sunday we will once again be above normal, peaking out on Monday with temperatures in the mid-70s along the Wasatch Front. Then the roller coaster goes to work again. 

By mid-week we’ll see temperatures start to drop again, this time to near seasonal norms, but then a good chance from some more moisture gets added to the mix. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of it and giving you the projected totals and what to expect as the next system gets closer. 

For now, make sure your lap bar is down and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. And follow all the weather changes on Utah’s Most Accurate Forecast both on-air and online with ABC4. We are Good4Utah