UTAH (ABC4) – Wednesday is a beautiful, near-perfect day. Very close to seasonal temperatures, clear blue skies, and even the wind died down a little bit for us. But the high-pressure system staying with us will be upping the heat and we should feel it quite a bit starting Thursday when temperatures will jump up quite a bit. Northern Utah will see temperatures back in the 90s and could even hit the century mark on Friday. Southern Utah will already be there as St. George will be around 105 on Thursday.

Wind will be back in play as well on Thursday as we’ll see 30 mph gusts in various locations. Those will continue to rise and we could see near 50 mph winds across much of the state on Friday. This will bring with it expected fire concerns, but also a lot of blowing dust and hazy conditions. The lack of visibility could take a toll on driving, along with possible crosswinds on I-80. As we get closer to Friday, be sure to check in with us to see if there are any weather advisories or warnings that you need to know about before heading out.

This strong southerly flow will also bring with it a chance of moisture to much of the state. The pattern will bring in an early hint of monsoon (early for this time of year) and we could see rain and thunderstorms across eastern Utah. The northern part of our state could see storms Sunday and possibly Monday. We will be following this system and have more on it as it approaches. Temperatures will decrease with the storm system coming in but will start to increase as the new week develops.

Bottom line? The heat will rise Thursday and Friday, but some possible wet weather will cool down the weekend.

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