UTAH (ABC4) – Dangerous heat is moving through the Southwest with record-breaking heat each day this week. While extreme heat is still one of our biggest threats, there are other hidden dangers that can arise from the heat and summer sun.

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“This asphalt can be in excess of a hundred, 140 degrees, just sitting in the sunlight even on a hazy day like today,” says Matthew McFarland, Public Information Officer for the Unified Fire Authority.

The hot asphalt can be a major issue for many as the sun’s angle increases, leaving children and pets as the most vulnerable victims to burned feet and pads.

But that is not the only danger caused by the summer sun and heat.

“Another unsuspecting source of injury I have seen happen is hoses that are left out in the sun as they all are. We have them all coiled up around our house some are on the concrete, some are in the yard, but they are grabbing that energy,” McFarland explains.

Another danger is playground equipment that sits under direct sunlight.

The record heat continues this week creating concerns of these hidden dangers. Protecting your children and pets from burns during this time is especially important.

One technique that health officials are suggesting parents use is checking how hot it is with their hands.

“A good piece of advice is when you go put your hand on the slide before you send your child down, if it’s too hot for you to touch it, it’s going to be too hot for your child to go down” says Jessica Strong, Community Health Manager for Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital.

Using the back of your hand is the best way to check for temperature as it is a more sensitive area that can give you a better idea of how hot it is.