SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Happy Friday and happy St. Patrick’s Day, Utah! There won’t be any rainbows today as we get sunshine with high pressure settling. With a northerly flow it will be a bit chilly though as daytime highs for most top out in the 30s and 40s while high areas will see 20s while southernmost Utah will see 50s.

It will be breezy at times which will make it feel just that bit colder. Into tonight for any St. Patrick’s Day festivities there won’t be any gold, it will just get cold quickly as lows drop to near what we had last night and this morning. Bundle up!

Saturday won’t bring many changes compared to what we will see today, however with a little more a southerly flow, temperatures will run roughly 2-5 degrees warmer than today, and we could see a bit more cloud coverage as well.

Skies stay dry for our Sunday, but as the high pressure moves away moisture will start to stream filter back in. This will result in increased clouds and the southerly flow will see temperatures get closer to our seasonal averages with more spots climbing into the 40s and 50s. 

With the high pressure out of the way, active weather will be the name of the game next week. At this point it looks like we have a few storms lined up. The first will arrive on Monday with the potential for widespread valley rain and mountain snow with temperatures only slightly cooler compared to what we see on Sunday.

A bigger storm will be on the heels of the one that arrives on Monday which could result in more widespread wet weather from Tuesday through possibly Thursday. Colder air is set to move in so there is at least a chance some valleys could see snow by that time while heavy snow looks likely in our mountains. Unsettled may even persist into next week.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the latest