SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – The last little bit of a weak disturbance is leaving the state and a high-pressure system going to settle in for a while. This will bring with it calmer weather and turn up the temperature.

In northern Utah, temperatures will start climbing on Tuesday where the high will be in the upper 70s, but by Saturday we will be seeing 90’s and Salt Lake City will see 93 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

Saturday will also bring on a stronger wind to the northern part of the state as a low-pressure system dips down and gives us a chance for some showers on Sunday.

This is low at the moment so we’ll keep an eye on it as the week progresses. But for the most part, it will be an enjoyable week with above-average temperatures. 

We can expect most of the same story in southern Utah. The good news is we’ll be seeing the strong winds die down a bit  – though there is still plenty of breezes to move flames around, so be careful.

The bad news is that we will be seeing temperatures in the triple digits. St. George could see 100 degrees on Tuesday and should easily hit above that mark the rest of the week.

Southern Utah won’t see any of the wet weather possibilities up north could be getting and that is bad because the winds will be picking up as we go into the weekend. 

One thing is for sure, summer is certainly announcing itself to Utah this week.

The takeaway? Very warm to hot weather all up and down the state this week. 

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