SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – The National Weather Service has confirmed that Salt Lake City hit 107 degrees today. This ties the record for hottest day ever in Salt Lake City, but there is a catch – all of the other 107 days were in July. We are in September and so far this month we haven’t seen one day under 100 degrees. Add in the last two days of August and we’ve had 9 straight days of 100 or more temperature. 

This has been a year of record breaking heat. The nine days mentioned above is just one day away from the record for days in a row in triple digits. There is a chance that we can tie is record tomorrow as we’re forecasting upper 90’s for Thursday. Nine is also the number of days in a row that we’ve broken a record held by that date. The old record of consecutive days was four, so we’ve smashed that record. And, we have broken 100 degrees 34 different times this year. The previous record for number of days past the century mark was 21. 

The heat will finally be leaving soon as we’ll see temperatures start to drop tomorrow and then we can have the Fall we’ve been expecting. There are also some possibilities of moisture in the coming forecast – just to add some more good news.