SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – With the latest storm starting to work its way out of the state, it’s clear to see that November has gotten off to a very nice start in terms of moisture. From top to bottom, things are setting up to be a nice, and wet, November.

An average November in Salt Lake City will see 1.32″ of rain at the airport. As of November 8th, we are already sitting at 1.37″ and we’ll still have the rest of the storm hitting the state on Wednesday to add to that. In contrast, we only hit a total of 0.34″ last year for the month. It’s unlikely that we’ll reach the record for rainfall in November (5.81″ in 1875), but we could close in on the most recent high of 2.64″ in 2010. We’ll be hoping for some more strong totals from the current storm because things are looking drier for the coming week.

The rain has been falling all across the state. St. George got 0.40 inches on Tuesday, bringing their total to 0.48″ for the month. A normal month for St. George is 0.67″ and they’ll see on average only three days with any rain. It will take another good day or two of rain to get to the monthly average, but we are already way ahead of where the city was last year. In 2021, St. George only received a “trace” of rain for the entire month. As far as records go, in 2019, St. George had 1.29″ fall on November 20th, a one-day record.

And as we know that at this time of year, all eyes turn to snow and the ski season. We’re happy to report that our snow pack is in good shape. All areas across the state are reporting well above 200% of normal for the Snow Water Equivalent and many over 500%. It should be noted that this is the “normal” for this time of year and things could change if we go into a drought of storms coming into the state. But for now, things are looking very good. 

We’ll be closely following the moisture in our state, and we’ll see tomorrow how the drought monitor is looking after some good storms.

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