SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – The calm and mild weather from the weekend will hang on a little longer and give us a very nice Halloween up and down the state. Though we will start seeing some changes coming as work our way into mid-week.

But first the good news. We will see mostly clear skies across Utah and the temperatures will be slightly elevated from Sunday. This will make for a nice evening for Trick-or-Treaters, and you won’t have to worry about any costumes getting ruined by the weather on your way to parties. In northern Utah we will wee temperatures in the mid 50’s to low 60’s in the evening as everyone is out and about. Central and Southern Utah will see temperatures 5-10 degrees higher across the board with very little cloud coverage. So get out there and get all the candy you can!

But Tuesday will see the beginning of a change. This will start with windy conditions growing in the afternoon. Temperatures will still be nice, in fact they’ll even go up a degree or two from Monday. But the wind could get pretty rough and western Utah will see some heavy cross winds. Best to secure loose items and be careful on the roads. The Wasatch Front will have a potential for blowing dust that could make the afternoon commute a little tough, so take care while driving. 

Then on Wednesday another disturbance will come through from the northwest and by the late morning/early afternoon valley rain and mountain snow is very possible. By later in the afternoon that possibility becomes more of a probability, and this could affect the traffic on the drive home. The storm will push its way southward much like the storm of last week. And we should be feeling it throughout most of the entire state by the time Thursday arrives. Temperatures will take a big drop of 20 degrees or more from Tuesday to Thursday with St. George struggling to stay in the 50’s. The storm will clear out starting Friday, but another one could be waiting to strike Utah at the end of next weekend. We’ll be following that closely as it gets near. 

The Takeaway? Very nice Halloween with seasonal temperatures, but a storm is coming mid-week.

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