SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – After a relatively calm Saturday, there is going to be a major weather shift coming to much of Utah starting Sunday. The National Weather Service has issued several different alerts ahead of that active weather heading into our state. 

Starting in northern Utah we have a Winter Storm Watch for much of the state west of I-15 from Cache County all the way down to Sevier. This Watch is from Sunday morning through Tuesday morning and there is heavy snow forecasted during this time, especially in the mountains which could see two feet or more in some areas. Even the Valleys and Benches could receive over half a foot of snow in the next few days as multiple waves of snow are expected. 

East of I-15 in the same region, the NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory. This will run the same time as the Watch and is in place to alert everyone to the hazards associated with the storms. In these areas, it is best to use caution, especially in regard to travel. For exact areas affected by these alerts, please see the map included in this article.

In the South, the NWS has issued multiple Winter Weather Advisories for the southwestern portion of Utah (please see map) and is warning of difficult travel. These Advisories are in effect from 11 a.m. Sunday until 11 a.m. Monday morning. 

There is also a Winter Storm Warning for a majority of southwestern Utah set for the same time. In these areas (pink on the map) we are expecting heavy snowfall – as much as 2″ per hour. Mountains in southern Utah could see close to a foot and a half of snow during this time and anyone in these areas should take caution. 

A “Warning” is different than a “Watch” in that the threat is more imminent. It is likely that the northern “Watch” will be changed to a “Warning” soon and we will let you know when it does. 

Another warning issued today by the NWS is a Wind Advisory for Utah west of I-15 from Box Elder County down through Iron County. This will be in place from 2 a.m. Sunday until 8 p.m. Sunday evening. Wind should be in the 25-35 mph range with gusts likely to top 55 mph. The strongest winds should be about midday. Those driving with high-profile vehicles should take care and any unsecured items outside should be secured. Power outages are also possible during these high winds. 

Those are a lot of alerts coming your way. The best way to stay on top of it all is by staying with us both on-air and online. We’ll keep you updated as changes come.