SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – If you live in northern Utah, especially around the Wasatch Front, you’ve noticed that the haze has returned. There’s not getting around it, the Inversion Invasion is once again back in Utah. A stagnant high pressure remains over the entire Great Basin region, giving us the calm and dry conditions we’ve been experiencing and the only thing that will things up is some upper level cloud coverage for the next few days.

But under those dry clouds will be the inversion. Very little underneath the inversion level will mean that any pollutants will be trapped and it won’t just be the view that suffers. Our air quality will be taking a hit with the most populated counties taking the most damage. Many of these counties are already in the “moderate” level for air quality, but it won’t be surprising to see them increase into the “unsafe” levels for those with breathing conditions by Tuesday. There was hope that a storm would be coming through on Wednesday to clean things up, but that has diminished. There is still hope that the pattern that was bringing the storm will be enough, and we’re certainly hoping that this is the case.

Temperatures are rising a little bit during this week – for those looking for the good news in all of this. We’ll finally be at or near our seasonal norms across the state and there is evidence to show that we could start moving past those numbers. Southern Utah will see highs in the 50s and 60s as we make our way into Thanksgiving. Up north temps will be in the 40’s and 50’s. Through all of this we’ll see a work week with mostly sunny skies and very little moisture. The weekend is also looking good with a possible storm in northern Utah to start the next work week.

Takeaways? Pattern continues. Temperatures rise a little. Inversion sticking around for a few days.

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