SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – While it might say “Labor Day” on the calendar, it seems a lot more like the movie “Ground Hog Day” with the way we keep seeing the same thing again, and again, and again. Nothing much will change as we start the new week, in fact, it’s only getting hotter. The good news is that there is some relief on the way – but let’s get to the heat first. 

The National Weather Service has increased the length of both the Heat Advisory and the Excessive Heat Warning that was due to end at 8:00 pm today. Now, these will go until Wednesday evening. They have even expanded the size of the Heat Advisory. It was originally for the western portion of Utah (not in the Excessive Heat Warning) but now has been expanded to include most of southern and central Utah. In these locations, temperatures can approach 104 degrees. 

The Excessive Heat Warning is for parts of lower Wasatch County (including St. George and Zion National Park), the Lake Powell area, and up through the Colorado River. Temperatures in these regions are expected to reach over 107 degrees. 

Safe to say that if you’re not in the upper elevations of Utah, you are officially in some sort of heat warning. Please stay safe, drink plenty of water, wear light color clothing, and watch out for pets, children, and anyone who might be prone to heat-related illnesses.

We will be seeing high temperatures for the entire state for the next few days, but the good news is that the high-pressure system that has created this “Heat Dome” is looking to move on by Thursday finally and that will open up room for a low-pressure system to come in from the northwest. This will allow some cooling temperatures and possible moisture to come in as part of a new monsoonal surge. We’re not talking about “really cool” temperatures, but we will see things go back to something a little more normal. 

Just how “unnormal” has it been? Well, on Sunday night we made it to 102 degrees in Salt Lake City which was well above the previous record for any other September 4th. It turns out that we’ve done this for 6 days in a row and will likely put a few more clicks on that before we’re done.

The old record we can find for the number of consecutive record-breaking days was 4. We are likely to at least double that before we’re through. So, yes, any cooler temperatures will be welcome. 

Have a safe, and hopefully cool, Labor Day!