SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — After the wild yo-yo ride where we saw the temperature drop 30 degrees or more from the previous day in some places in northern Utah, it looks like we’re about to head back up.

This has been quite the pattern as you might remember going from 33 degrees and over 8″ of snow a little over a week ago to 83 degrees just 7 days later, then we had snow yesterday; just another Spring trying to find itself in Utah. 

Today we will see the start of an uptick in temperatures, but we will still be about 5 to 10 degrees below normal across the Beehive State. This is actually good news as it will help to keep things cooler for the snowmelt and flooding. We will have some activity hanging on to southeastern Utah, but that should clear out by the late afternoon. The rest of the state will be looking at calm skies and only a slight breeze as we enter the weekend. 

We do have one official Flood Warning in Utah at the moment, and you’d be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with northern Utah and what we’ve been seeing. The southeast part of Grand County and the Dolores River is where we have the Warning, and it will remain in effect until noon on Saturday.

The Dolores River empties into the Colorado River and the flooding is the result of snowmelt and could be strong enough to make some crossing areas unpassable. Take caution if you are in this area and any area where you see shifting or moving water. Any possible flooding areas could become very dangerous, very quickly. 

Saturday will be more of the same throughout the state as temperatures will move up a few more degrees on what should be a very lovely day. This will be followed by Sunday with even warmer temperatures, and a bit more wind, to cap off a wonderful weekend.

As temperatures rise more on Monday we’ll now start to see if we are paying a price for the warmer weather. Though it won’t be as warm as it was on Tuesday, we could still hit the mid-70s and that could trigger more of the heightened runoff.

But then the yo-yo of Utah weather will take another spin downward. Going into mid-week we’ll see our next system coming into northern Utah bringing temperatures down sharply and bringing more wet weather to the table. We’re still looking into just how impactful this storm could be, but it does have the possibility of hanging on a few days, and the moisture could just add to our already overworked flood areas. 

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