SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – We have been seeing a steady flow of moisture coming into the state yesterday and it’s looking like going to be hanging around northern Utah for the next few days.

There is a 50% or more chance for showers for all of the upper region of the state and that should continue into Saturday. Southern Utah could see some rain and thunderstorms as the evening comes on (especially in the southwest) but the chance of storm lessons on Saturday.

The National Weather Service upgraded part of their thunderstorm warning for northern Utah to “marginal” and that will remain in place throughout the evening. This designation calls for more isolated thunderstorms, winds in the 40-60 mph range, and the possibility of hail up to 1″ in size.

It is best this evening if you are in a storm to get inside to avoid lightning and other damage. The NWS also has a flood watch in place for much of Nevada. At the present, this does not extend over the border into Utah, but that could shift at any time and we could see the watch in the Beehive State. 

With all of this moisture, the temperatures will be less than we’ve been seeing the past few weeks. Most highs will be in the low 90s with only Moab projected to see triple digits. As Saturday comes we will see temperatures increase in southern Utah but remain lower in the northern half.

Sunday should give us a little relief from the rain and temperatures will increase a little across the state, but we will see another surge from monsoonal moisture as we start our next work week but temperatures should remain near our seasonal norms. 

Bottom Line? Northern Utah is very active and wet, a little less down south on Saturday, but possible showers will remain in play 

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