SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – We had an amazing weekend weather-wise in Utah over the weekend. We broke temperature records, followed Severe Thunderstorm Watches, saw wind gusts over 60 mph, and had flash floods. But as we start out our work week most of what we saw over the weekend will be dialed back. We’ll still have the heat, possible thunderstorms, winds, and flash flood potential, but it will be a little less than what we’ve had.

Temperatures across the state will be a few degrees less than what we’ve been seeing, though it is still likely that Salt Lake City will still break triple digits, joining St. George, Moab, and a few other spots. Northern Utah will see a bit of a decline in temperatures for a few days before picking back up again, while down south we will see temperatures holding steady – if not increasing. 

Chances for thunderstorms will remain in play throughout the state and continue to be scattered. We will also be on the lookout for Microbursts where winds can reach 50 mph with dangerous lightning.

These will all be mostly in the late afternoons and evenings and mostly focused in the lower 2/3s of the state. This will lessen into the midweek but could surge again by the weekend where we are seeing the possibility of more moisture coming.

Flash floods are a strong possibility, especially in Capitol Reef and San Rafeal Swell, but those chances will dip midweek as well.

Bottom Line? Heat and Wet Weather are hanging around for a while, only a little less 

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