SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – June is opening up with great weather all across our state. We will see highs in the 70s and 80s up and down Utah with a few 90s added down south. We’ll also have mostly clear skies giving us beautiful blue views no matter where you call home. This really is the type of day you hope for when you’re thinking about “good weather.”

But there is another side to it, as well. We are coming out of a May that didn’t do much for the state in terms of precipitation and we’re not seeing much coming in the next little bit.

There is a chance of some showers in the northwest corner of Utah on Friday and a slight chance for some rain Sunday and Monday (mostly in the upper elevations), but those will be very light and not offer us much in the way of water.

This just adds to the drought situation we are finding ourselves in. Adding more fuel to the “fire possibilities” is the increase in the wind that our current pressure system is giving us. We must be very careful when we are out and about, especially when doing anything that involves fire. 

Don’t want to bring down the vibe of the great weather we have all across our state right now, the high-pressure system is certainly giving us some good, high temperatures and dry conditions. Just want to remind you that “high and dry” has a double meaning. And let’s be read to be just as happy when some rain makes its way into our state. 

Much of the weather will continue to be the same across most of the state for the next few days. As mentioned, we do have some wet weather possibilities in northern Utah, but they will be scattered. The system will bring down temperatures slightly, but we’ll see them rise back up again Tuesday and Wednesday.

We also need to keep an eye on the wind conditions, especially down south. It is very likely we could see some Red Flag warnings cropping up. 

The takeaway? Beautiful all across the Beehive state with clear skies and above-average temperatures.

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