SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – High temperatures can be found all up and down the Beehive State as everywhere you look we are seeing numbers in the mid-90s and even into triple digits. But Friday should be even hotter.

The National Weather Service issued Excessive Heat Warnings and Watches for most of southern Utah. These went into effect at noon on Thursday and aren’t scheduled to fully end until Saturday evening. 

These have been issued due to the high temperatures (110 is certainly not out of the question for parts of the south) and the lack of cooling/relief to come in the evenings. It is certainly worth repeating that it is best to find shade or be indoors during this time, limit your activity, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, and keep an eye out for your pets and family members/neighbors during these Watches and Warnings. 

The northern portion of our state will also be seeing very warm weather as the century mark will be a big target for the thermometer. Friday could see another record fall as the highest temperature recorded in Salt Lake City on July 22nd is 104. Right now we are forecasting to be very near that mark and would not be surprised to see us tie or surpass it. And remember, the hottest day ever in Salt Lake is 107 so we’re going to be in that neighborhood.

One bit of relief could come in the form of another monsoonal surge that could hit southern Utah starting this weekend. A southerly flow will bring some moisture back into the state, cooling temperatures down a bit and hopefully some good wet weather.

The forecast is looking good for some showers in southern Utah as the next week begins, so if you have any plans to visit our parks next week, be sure to get updates from ABC4 about flash flood warnings. As of now, this is looking much more likely in the lower 2/3rds of the state, but we’re hoping that some of it will make its way north. 

Bottom Line: Very Hot on Friday, slightly cooler this weekend with a chance of some wet weather