SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – It certainly doesn’t take you looking at a weather report to tell you that it’s hot, but we can give you a little warning that it’s likely going to stay hot for at least the next little bit. Temperatures in the northern half of the state saw a little dip today, but they will begin to climb again tomorrow and we’ll flirting with triple digits again by Thursday.

As a note, the record for 100+ degree days in SLC for a year is 21 – currently we are sitting at 13, so the record (though a hot one) is within reach. Down south the temperatures have been holding steady but it looks like most of the state could see a few degrees of relief coming up this weekend. 

We could also be seeing another round of isolated showers and thunderstorms as the evening approaches. These could deliver some heavy rains and gusty winds so please be careful if you have to be outdoors tonight. In our national parks, we are looking at potential flash floods with San Refael and Capitol Reef being the most likely suspects.

It is advised to not be out in those areas, or any of the parks if you see some clouds developing. This will go through until the end of Tuesday and then we will see a drying trend for the next few days. Moisture opportunities here will fall mostly to the higher elevations. 

As the weekend approaches the chance for monsoonal flow will open back up and there will be the chance for more showers. We’ll be keeping an eye on this so we can better prepare you for your weekend plans. 

Bottom Line: It’s going to be hot for a little while longer and the moisture could come back this weekend.