SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – With a big flow coming from the south, Utah is going to see two vastly different weather outcomes – but not where you might think.

Usually when we talk about Utah weather we refer to what’s happening up north and how things are looking down south, but for Friday it’s going to be more of an East/West type discussion.

The west half of our state is going to see a lot of windy conditions. Gusts could be close to 60 mph and will really be picking up in the afternoon. These winds will trigger Red Flag warnings in the southwestern areas of the state and High Wind Watches throughout the entire western side.

This will follow all of eastern Nevada as well and extend from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. This wind will also bring perils for travel as high-profile vehicles will be rocked by the winds and blowing dust will hamper visibility. We fully recommend that you take special care when traveling Friday and Saturday. 

The east will see a monsoon-like pattern move upward from the south. Utahns on that half will see possible heavy rains and thunderstorms. Some of these storms could see the precipitation evaporate before reaching the ground, but lighting could still be a factor – which would raise the fear of fires in the area.

There is also the slight possibility of areas receiving flash floods. All of this brings about more concerns for Utah travelers. 

We will be following all of these scenarios and keep you updated as we learn more.

Temperatures will still be above normal throughout the state as we will see a possibility of 100+ highs from both northern and southern Utah.

Those temperatures will begin to cool off on Saturday as scattered showers will be possible in most of the state. Utah will start warming back up late on Monday and should be back to standard temperatures by Tuesday. 

Bottom line? Friday is a mixed bag of high temperatures, increasing winds, dry thunderstorms, rain, blowing dust, and several warnings.

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