SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – We are seeing great temperatures up and down the entire state today thanks to a corridor of warmth that has Utah directly in its path. There is a high-pressure system a little to the south of us and a weak low pressure above us and we get to enjoy the warm air that is being pushed along in between.

Everywhere you look you’re going to see temperatures in the 80s – except where we have 90s – so there really isn’t much to complain about. There are quite a few clouds traveling along with the warm air, but they aren’t bringing with them any moisture so they are really just there for you to admire while you’re out enjoying this great weekend. 

There are two things to keep an eye on this weekend. First, in the North, we do have a chance of some rain and thunderstorms. This could happen later tonight and even on Sunday, but we’re looking only at the upper northern part of Utah and it should stay mostly to the higher elevations.

While the chance is slight, it is good to remember that they could bring a little thunder and lightning with them, so if you do find yourself in a little rain, get to some proper cover quickly.

The second item is down south where winds will be picking up both today and Saturday. The winds will be at their strongest as the temperature rises and we can possibly see gusts around 35 mph around 4 or 5 pm both today and Saturday.

They do die down a little more going into Sunday, but with the dry weather we’ve had so far, it wouldn’t take much for a little wind to create a large fire. Please be careful if you’re out and about this weekend. 

The weak disturbance of Sunday and Monday will bring temperatures a little under our average for this time of year, but you can expect to see them pop back up quickly starting on Tuesday. In fact, St. George could be back into triple digits early next week!

The takeaway? Great weather for most of Utah, but it does come with a lot of clouds and some wind.

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