SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – As Fall officially begins in Utah it is a relief to have it actually feel like, well, Fall. After all the record-breaking heat that we endured at the beginning of the month and then the storms of Wednesday, we were all starting to feel like it would never come. But we can brush those thought aside because Fall is hear and it is glorious.

Today we will be seeing temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s for most of the state, all under sunny skies. Sure we’ll see some places out of there – St. George getting near 90, for example, but really mid 70’s will be the norm for the state and that should be just fine with most people. Southern Utah will finally be at or near their seasonal averages and up north we will see temperatures start to creep above the line. And the sunny skies we’re seeing today? Those will be hanging around for a few days as we won’t see another disturbance until midweek. 

We should expect wonderful weekend weather across the state as temperatures will raise up slightly over the next few days and skies should remain mostly clear. And don’t forget that the National Parks are free on Saturday. It will be a perfect time to visit the parks under such perfect conditions – just make sure you’re there early because a lot of other people will have the same ideas! Weather will also be perfect for the in-state football games taking place in the high schools tonight and with our colleges tomorrow. 

All it all, it is hard to imagine a more perfect start to Fall. 

Bottom Line? Great weather throughout the weekend so get outside and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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