SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – It certainly is beaUTAHful outside right now. All up and down the Beehive State we have near perfect temperatures – the majority of which are in the 70’s. We have clear skies, and everything looks wonderful. But how long can it last and when can we expect some moisture/snow? Well, let’s get to that.

First, we’ll be seeing much of this great weather lasting through the work week. Clouds will start to make an appearance starting Wednesday but won’t be bringing much in the way of rain or any other impact to the state. They’ll be coming from the southwest and do little more than look pretty but come late Thursday we’ll see the pattern shift and we will start seeing some action from the northwest. It will take a day or so to make it to us but by Friday we’ll see the wind start to pick up, especially west of I-15. Then Saturday will bring the real change.


By mid-Saturday we’ll see some storms starting in northern Utah and begin to spread south. And, as we get to the late evening the storms will increase in the north and we could be seeing some snow in the upper elevations. At the moment we’re not exact on where the elevation cut off will be with that snow, but we will be following it all right here for you. The storms will work their way out of the area, but then we’ll see the coldest temperatures so far this season. Sunday could see a nearly 20-degree drop from Saturday along the Wasatch Front and even southern Utah is likely to drop double digits.

So the big story is to enjoy what we have for the next day or two and also take that time to get everything ready. Our first freezes could be just a few days away.

The Takeaway? Great Fall weather for the next few days but Saturday and Sunday will be a different story.

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