SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – We got a nice break from the snow over the weekend, but the temperatures certainly kept the chill in the air. Utah saw some of its coldest days in a while as many cities reported single digits and even negative numbers.

We’ll see some changes in both the “dry” and “cold” side of things as we go into this new week, but it all depends on what part of the state you’re living in as to what you’re going to get. 

Northern Utah has not only been dealing with the cold but also the return of valley inversions. While they’ve also hung around some of the more sheltered areas of central and southern Utah, it has been in the north where the haze has been most prevalent. The Inversion will stay for the next few days and will work to keep temperatures down.

Areas like Cache Valley, Uinta Basin and Bear River will be struggling to get out of the teens, and patchy fog will make commutes a little tougher over the next few days. The good news is that a storm is set to come in mid-week which should help clear things up. 

A slight grazing of the northern portion of the state will hit Tuesday, but the real storm will be felt Wednesday. Rain and snow will be the main theme of the Wasatch Front Wednesday, though we shouldn’t expect to see what we got last week. A second wave will come in Friday to give us a nice dusting before the Christmas Weekend.

Throughout the week we will see temperatures start to rise up a little, but as the storm comes through, they should settle into the mid 30’s for highs and teens and 20’s for the overnight lows. Tuesday’s increasing cloud cover will bring temps up slightly.

Down south things will stay clear and dry allowing the temperatures to rise up a little.  And by “little” we’re talking about 10 degrees from where we were going into the week. As a little Holiday gift to St. George, temperatures could reach 60 degrees and 50 isn’t out of the question for Cedar City. It’s not a heat wave, but it will help a little. 

Takeaways? Cold & Dry starts off the week – Snow in the north by Wednesday – Slight warming trend down south. 

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