SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City fire thanks residents following the ban of fireworks saying it was a relatively quiet weekend.

On June 22, Salt Lake City mayor Erin Mendenhall pronounced a citywide ban on fireworks, do to the dangerous drought conditions and the fear of fireworks starting fires.

According to the Department of Natural Resources 98% of the state is in extreme or exceptional drought, the two most serious categories on Drought Monitor.

Officials say in extreme cases the state could impose water rationing and are asking folks to be mindful on how they use water.

Authorities also explain they are seeing an increased amount of people wanting to save water, including making changes to their lawn.

“Obviously the drought is really moving things a long this year, a lot of interest in it, and the great thing is when your remove lawn from the landscape which requires water every few days during the summertime,”
Courtney Brown Conservation Programs manager says. “You are drought proofing your landscape to some degree.”

In Utah there are some water saving rebates folks can take advantage of like replacing old toilets with water sense labeled toilets or adding water sense smart controlled to irrigation system.

For the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District: Flip your strip, Free landscaping consultation, Localscapes rewards.

The state and the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District has rebates in place to incentivize saving water.

Officials say more people than ever before are applying for these rebates to both earn money and save water.