SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The New York Times warns of “an environmental nuclear bomb” in a recent piece about the shrinking Great Salt Lake. 

One of the people interviewed in the article is State Rep. Joel Ferry, a farmer, and rancher in Box Elder County.

“We’re In the midst of the worst drought in over 1200 years,” said Ferry.

He spoke to the New York Times about the shrinking lake and the high levels of arsenic left behind in the lake bed.

“That lake bed is full of nasty particles that can get picked up in these windstorms, and it gets blown right into our cities,” said Ferry.

“Great Salt Lakes in pretty rough shape. It’s at historic lows, it’s anticipated that this summer’s gonna drop even lower. To new historic lows,” added Ferry.

But Ferry says it’s not all gloom and doom – and he cites the last legislative session with bills passed to help conserve water.

“Just like it’s taken decades to get to our current situation, it’s going to take us decades to get back out of it. But we’re moving the needle and we’re making a difference,” said Ferry.