SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – It’s finally Friday and we’re entering the weekend that could see some very up and down results. It actually kicks off with today’s weather being way below average on the temperature side of things. Northern Utah is looking at highs that are way below what we saw on Thursday.

Salt Lake City is projecting at a high of 58, which is a full 15 degrees cooler than the day before. Even southern Utah is seeing a dip in temperatures with St. George expected to reach 79, breaking a good run of 80+ degree days. The wind has died down a little, but much of the state is still feeling strong breezes.

We will start warming up Saturday and it should be a great day thanks to high pressure leaving skies mostly sunny and temperatures closer to seasonal norms. But if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, you might want to try to get them all in on this lovely Saturday, especially if you’re in the top 2/3’s of the state. This is because Sunday has a great chance for more wet weather.

The temperature will drop again with this before rising again on Monday. And, in a bit of a spoiler alert, we’ll see them dip again on Tuesday when northern Utah has another chance for moisture. 

Southern Utah won’t see quiet as much rollercoaster action with their temperatures, but winds could remain an issue as breezy conditions could keep the lower parts of the Beehive State in a fire watch. But you can expect mostly sunny skies and seasonal temperatures throughout the south.

The takeaway? A cool Friday leads to a rollercoaster of a weekend.

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