What to winterize first before the freeze hits


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A strong unseasonably cold storm is taking aim at Utah bringing a sharp temperature drop and the possibility of a valley snow shower Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Regardless of valley snow, we will see moisture in the mountains, windy conditions and a temperature drop of 20-25 degrees. This storm could easily wreak havoc on your home and yard if you don’t make those cold weather preps now. 

“No! It’s happening so fast, I am not ready for the cold, “said West Jordan resident Heidi Lewis.

It’s time to drain the sprinklers, harvest the garden, and unhook hoses in the yard. A Hard Freeze Watch is in effect for several Utah valleys. Temperatures are expected to drop into the mid to upper 20s for the overnight and this includes the Wasatch Front Wednesday and Thursday. 

This storm could break records, and heating and plumbing companies have already seen an uptick in calls. 

“We notice an immediate increase in calls. As the cold weather comes in the furnaces start working harder and they start breaking, yup we had a lot of no heat calls,” said Troy Neerings, President of Neerings Heating and Plumbing.

Furnace maintenance is critical before the freeze hits. It’s time to check and make sure the area around your furnace is free of flammables, your vents are not blocked by furniture or toys and most importantly, change your furnace filter. 

“It creates a longer life for your heat exchanger. If those don’t have sufficient air blowing over it, a dirty filter can not only ruin your heat exchange, it can also destroy your air conditioner in the air conditioning season. It’s important those are clean so your furnace is happy and healthy,” said Neerings.

Swamp coolers need to be drained and winterized as we approach the middle of the week to prevent flooding when we thaw out. Many secondary water companies have ended their season, but you want to make sure your sprinkler pipes are drained to prevent pipes from breaking.


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