SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about the weather for the next few days in Utah. We’ll see a whole lot of cold temperatures, some wind, some inversion, and mostly dry skies. It’s a pattern that likely will hold all the way through the work week.

Northern Utah will see temps 10-15 degrees below seasonal averages under mostly sunny skies. That’s not too bad, but we’ll also be dealing with the likely return of the inversion. A high pressure system will cause the air to sink, trapping the colder air and effectively leaving us with one of the only things we don’t like about Utah weather. A low pressure system comes in later in the week and hopefully we’ll be able to push the inversion away for a bit.

Southern Utah will also see low temperatures – in fact, there was a little bit of snow in the mountains of southern Utah this weekend, but they’ll also have to deal with some Hard Freeze alerts. In my last article I said that I expected the National Weather Service to start issuing these warnings and I was happy to see that they finally happened. Not happy for the cold, just happy the warnings are out there for people to follow. A Hard Freeze Warning was put into place Sunday evening and will remain until 8 am Monday for the area around Zion National Park. Temperatures are projected for the mid to upper 20’s and that can be dangerous for plants, outdoor plumbing, and people. A Hard Freeze Watch will go into effect Monday night through Tuesday morning for lower Washington county (including St. George and Hurricane). Temps will follow the above parameters and caution should be taken.

Keep in mind, when it comes to “warnings” and “watches” from the National Weather Service, there is a difference. A “Watch” is when the service is watching to see if something is going to happen and a “Warning” is when they determine that it is going to happen, and people should be careful.

Takeaway? Cold and dry across the state for the workweek. Freeze alerts in southwestern Utah.

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