SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — As most of you are going out today looking for savings and doorbusters, you can be assured that one of the best deals will be found in the weather.

As a high-pressure system sits over Utah we will once again see calm skies and plenty of sun – except for the inversion, but we’ll get to that. Temperatures will be right around normal for the season and there will be a lot of mid 40’s around the state and even some 50’s down south. All in all, near perfect conditions as we head into the weekend. This is great news for those that have to worry about travel after the holidays.

But the weekend brings the start of some changes. A weak front is moving across the state on Saturday, and we have a chance to get some rain/snow. It will be a slight chance as most of the moisture will skim by us, staying in Idaho, but a chance is a chance and we’ll take it if we can get it. The other thing the storm will do is put a dent in the inversion. While it did give us a cool-looking 80’s neon vibe with the sunrise today, it’s not good for breathing. Clearing that out is always a plus.

The real storm will come through on Monday. Much like Saturday, it will look like it’s going to graze the northern portion of the state, but then as we dip into the afternoon it will dip south and we could see some heavy snow in the mountains. We’ll see where that snow level will be but for now, there is a nice level of rain and snow coming into northern Utah and it should continue through the night into Tuesday. On Tuesday we could see the storm extend south a bit giving that area some relief. All totaled we could see a foot or more in the northern mountains and even a few inches in the valley. 

The storm will bring temperatures down across the state and the Wasatch Front will be hard-pressed to get above freezing on Tuesday. Things will start to warm up a little bit but by the end of the week, we could be looking at another storm pattern. We will be following all of these storms to get you the latest and most accurate information. 

Takeaways? A pretty good day across the state for Black Friday. Slight storm chance on Saturday. Full storm with rain and snow on Monday and Tuesday.