Bahamas fisherman watched helplessly as his wife drowned


FREEPORT, Bahamas (CNN) – Freeport resident Howard Armstrong describes how his wife drowned in front of him after the storm surge from Hurricane Dorian swamped their home.

Armstrong, a crab fisherman, says he lived in Freeport for 58 years.

“I’ve battled many hurricanes. We flooded a bit, but never that much. I never had it come in the house. It came over the roof. I would imagine 21 feet, at least.”

He says the water kept coming up and all of the appliances were going around the house, like a washing machine.

“My poor little wife got hyperthermia and she was standing on top of the kitchen cabinets until they disintegrated. I kept with her and then she just drowned on me.”

Armstrong says he got out of the house after his wife drowned and took a chance to reach his boat.

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