SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – This weekend brought us near-perfect fall weather. Many people were able to get out and enjoy the cool temperatures and we got a flood of amazing photos – almost too many to use one air, almost. The good news is that we’ll see almost the same weather for much of this coming week. 

In Northern Utah, temperatures will remain in the mid-70s under mostly sunny skies though there will be some slight disturbances to the perfection. Tuesday will bring in breezier conditions and a (very) slight chance of moisture but that breeze will be coming from the north with cooler temperatures.

Monday we’ll see highs near 80 but by Wednesday we could see that drop by nearly 10 degrees. Keep in mind, 70 is not too bad and we’ll see the temperature rise as we go into the weekend. But when you think that just about a month ago we were still breaking the century mark, 70 seems like quite a drop. 

Southern Utah is in a better place for moisture this week. Monday will see some good opportunities in the southwestern corner of the state as clouds will start developing in the morning and a shower or two is likely during the early afternoon. This will be more likely in the higher elevations but could be felt throughout the area.

Temperatures will remain near seasonal norms though there will be a little dip on Wednesday as the cold front tries to make its way south. But for the most part, it will be the 70s and 80s across Central and southern Utah. 

As mentioned, there is a slight chance of some rain at the beginning of the week for Utah, but a dry spell is really going to be the status quo for the upcoming week. A low-pressure system coming into Arizona towards the end of the week could send some moisture into southern Utah, but it is something that we’re still following and fingers are crossed that it develops. 

The Takeaway? – Weather holding with a very slight chance of some early week moisture – Temperatures remain at seasonal norms – Enjoy the Fall!

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