SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC4) – Utah is getting a full wash from Mother Nature today as storms that began appearing early this morning in the southeastern part of our state have been making their way north and west to give us a complete cover. A Flood Watch was issued last night that covered the lower two-thirds of the state but a little after noon the National Weather Service added a Severe Thunderstorm Watch to the western side. It seems that no matter where you are, there are storms in your future for today.

A “Watch” is issued when the weather service can see that conditions are good for a certain weather condition (like a flood or thunderstorm) to occur but doesn’t know exactly where they might pop up in those regions. A “Warning” is issued when they can pinpoint the location and the event is either happening or about to happen. Watches are also issued for longer periods of time while a warning can have a life of only a few hours at most.

We have already seen a few warnings pop up for both flash floods and severed thunderstorms today and they will likely carry on throughout the evening. And be advised that the national parks have put the designation of “Expected” on most of the parks in Utah.

So rain and thunderstorms will rule the day today, and actually hang on through the evening and early morning, but the good news is that we won’t see this pattern for very long after. Thursday should see a slight chance of storms in the morning for northern Utah and the southeastern section see a decent amount of lingering storms but once the storms clear out on Thursday evening we will see a different pattern develop. This new pattern will feature mostly sunny skies and warmer weather. Southern Utah will see a return to normal high temperatures while the northern half of the state will see above average temperatures.

But we have to wait for that warmer, drier weather for a little bit as first we’ll have to contend with these storms.

Bottom Line? Thunderstorms and possible flooding expected for most of the state today. Hanging on a bit tomorrow before giving way to warmer, drier weather.

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