SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Overnight, we saw continued snowfall in northern Utah and woke up to some pretty impressive totals and some records being smashed.

Snowbasin Resort saw over two feet of snow from the latest storm and that put their total for March at 200″, officially making this their snowiest month on record. The old record was 191″ set in December 1983.

And that wasn’t all, we also officially welcomed the first member of the 800″ club with Alta announcing their total for the season at 801″. Brighton put their total at 798″ this morning but with the snow continuing to fall in the mountains, it is more than safe to say that we have two members in this very elite position.

As March begins to close out, we have seen many of our resorts post record season totals, but keep in mind that we still have April ahead of us. April is a month known for “showers” and with the weather we’ve been having, those might come more in the snow variety than the rain most often associated with the month, especially in the mountains. 

With the wet weather, we’ve seen our drought finally shake the 1% extreme level and make some great strides in the other categories as well. We’re also loving a snowpack that is at 197% currently and holding nicely. With this water, our Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) has been looking good. We broke 26″ with our SWE a little bit ago but now we’re already at 28″ and still on an upward climb. 

But the question you’re all wondering now is what is next?

Today, we’ll see some scattered rain/snow showers across the northern portion of the state and things should clear out nicely by the evening. This will leave us with a very nice Saturday and start to our April. In fact, it might be said that the April’s Fool Day joke on us will be not having snowfall in the state.

We’ll also see a rise in temperatures where most of the state will see temps double digits above that of Friday. This should make for a nice day for those wishing to be in downtown Salt Lake City for the General Conference sessions taking place. But don’t get too used to it, as we’ve seen in the past, our weather breaks are short and sweet. 

Our next system will make its way into northern Utah Sunday night and we could see some rain and snow as evening takes over. Monday morning’s commute also looks to have the possibility of being a little messy as the storm will start to intensify in the morning. By the afternoon, our rain/snow mix will be heavy at times and will start to spread across the state, possibly making it to St. George. We’ll see this pattern play out until late mid-week when our next break comes. 

How long with that one last? Who knows. But stay with Utah’s Most Accurate Forecast as we give you all the latest both on-air and online. We are Good4Utah.