2018 turns out to be one of the warmest years on record

A look at weather stats of the last year

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - 2019 is off to a frozen start, but 2018 was a different story. In looking back at the last year's weather pattern, 2018 will go down in the history books for its warmth.

The year takes the third place spot for warmest year on record behind 2012 and 2015. The average low temperature tied for the all warmest in Salt Lake City record keeping.

The average high temperature rounded out the top five list on its own. These lists give us an idea of the overall picture which is significantly warmer.

This last year also brought less precipitation than normal. Salt Lake City was about six inches below average for the year, only picking up 50.7" as opposed the normal of over 56". As a whole, the state started out with moderate drought in than 60 percent of Utah.

The four corners area and portions of Eastern Utah saw drought conditions worsen to the extreme and exceptional category through the year. Our rainfall in Salt Lake City matched snowfall coming in several inches below normal. 

2019 is starting with below average freezing temperatures and time will tell what's ahead with another storm moving in for the first weekend of January 2019. 

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